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Happy Summer

Hi guys, It is July 27th, about the middle of summer. Hence we only have a month to go. Unfortunately, because of a few complications, I couldn’t get my camera early. But as an optimist, I have made due with what I currently have.
Although, the laptop I am using to type this message doesn’t have a memory card slot. I will get a brand new laptop in a few days, with a memory card slot. So be expecting tonnes of pictures.
Love you.

Just droplets. Dew I’d rather say.

It speaks for itself.

It speaks for itself.

“Always be mindful of the kindness and not the faults of others.”

— Buddha


Hi guys,

I know it’s been a while, but only because of my finals for this month and next month, so I won’t be back till around July. I would have my Nikon d5100 by then. 

I’m also getting a Samsung Galaxy S 4 I believe and I’m super hyped. But I’m trying to keep it low key, at least till the end of my exams. I just really pray I do well.

I pray for the best. Love you all. Love, Live and Laugh.


“The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.”

— Mahatma Ghandi

Another Saturday: Part 1

Today is one of he first Saturday’s of the year that smells, looks and feels like a genuine Saturday. Here I’ve just taken pictures of my desk, I’ve been working (studying) . I took this with my Fujifilm camera which I soon hope to replace with a Nikon d5100 this summer.

This day has three to four parts to it this is only the first my school part of the day. Education is ‘key’.

It just so happens that I will soon be a senior in my school so I’m getting really serious. And because it’s my last year by September I will try my best to post as many pictures everyday.

Have a good day everyone and I hope to see you all very soon for parts 2, 3, and 4.  Love, live and laugh.


Starting Fresh

Hi Guys, I am starting a completely new technique on the way I run my blog. I have decided just to post pictures for photography and modelling. So when I am posting the picture for photography I’ll tag it photography and modelling vice versa. 

I also am introducing an advertising kind of submission game, that goes on for eternity. It is basically played by submitting your blog name, a preview of it, the link and your place of residence (optional). Advanced advertisements will be given those who follow my blog.

Finally I am also introducing a new segment to m blog where I sort of write different posts on advice and stuff like that. Feel free to ask questions.

                                                                         - Nancy